Friday, September 27, 2013

Salutation #184

No Unity without Diversity, 
No Peace without Adversity, 
No Perfection without God.

(Precious Forever)

As thus, precious Starshine -
shall the Judge of all created Worlds,
before the Throne of the LORD in Eternity,
judge the Peace of every Nation at the Last Day
- by the great Jewel that is set in our every crown of  life -
the LORD will strike it thrice with a hammer - three mighty blows -
one for Justice, one for Mercy, and one for Love -
the unfailing, the faithful, and the true - shall not shatter,
being together - made victorious through trial and adversity
whose reality by the Providence of God, the light of the Angels,
and the freedom of Man, is hard as diamonds - and precious forever -
ascended unto everlasting skies before God and the assembly of Heaven.

But the unworthy, as it is written, shall shatter -
into dust and ashes.