Sunday, May 18, 2014

Salutation #194

Man is an extension of his community.

(The People Principle)

Salute the life of the people.
Salute also the life of their communities.

To love the people
love also their communities
each one - as it is -
not as one would have it be.

human respect
in the Nation -
in this way.

Ponder in thy heart the people principle.

To respect the life of the people
is to honor the peace of their communities
and to do so where ever and whenever it may be found
drawing from thy own love for thy own community
arrive in peace - and leave in the same spirit.

Say to them in the stillness of thy own heart,
"Prosper the peace, prosper the people".

Then thy own Nation will know you
and love you.

For love of the people - as you do yourself.
For love of their communities - as you do your own.

So love all of our peoples
- as they are -
honor them across their communities
and then learn to love the act of loving itself.

these things are not forgot.
The earth, t'is asleep -
but heaven is not.

Let go of the fear of being forgot.
The real fear is of being remembered
as you are not.

Fear for thy citizenship as it really is.
And of not living up to its bliss.