Friday, May 23, 2014

Salutation #195

(The Sun of Liberty)

The Sun in our Flag represents Liberty. 

T'is the Sun in our Republic Sky,
A light to our labors by Day,
A comfort to our dreams by Night.
It guides our Country ever forward.
Our Nation it shields against the darkness.
It is a warmth to all our peoples.
The sight in their eyes.

It is the gold of Eternity.
It is the Splendor of Truth.
The Light of the Divine Presence.
The radiance of the Shekhinah Glory.

It is the Peace in our midst.
Freedom to bring our peoples 
And our generations courageously forth 
Unto the fullness of Country
And liberation from every bondage of slavery.

It is symbolic of the Philippine State.
And unites together our three Foundation Stars.

Personal Reflection

The Sun on our Flag is a potent symbol of the Philippine State.

Imagine the sun above the sky, how it shines evenly on all people. How it seeks to belong to all equally. Imagine how its light allows us to know the sight in our eyes.

Reflect upon its warmth by day. Reflect upon its guidance by night.

Meditate how free it is. How our freedoms are bounded by its freedom. How it informs and shapes what is sacred and absolute to our Liberty. Imagine its cycles and seasons and how it shapes our living culture.

How constantly it renews in our nation, the life of our generations.