Monday, May 26, 2014

The Book of the Unfolding

each human heart,
our precious Starshine,
God had placed a little book.

This is the book
written within each thy own heart,
Beloved of the LORD.

The book that contain
the words to each
thy own story!

Words each thy living soul
deeply longs to drink - to the fullest
that thou may know the secrets
that make thee who thou art
forever before thy God.

The Mystery of which
thy spirit aches to unfold
- in its entirety -
unto a world entirely asleep
to each thy own precious wonder.

You know this book,
and yearn to read it out loud...

dearest Starshine -
you must speak it boldly forth
that the truth that lives within
- each thy lives -
out of the darkness unfold,
through the Light of the LORD,
arising brightly forth - as living stars
upon the face of the deep.

- selah -

How then,
may you reveal these words
to the world, Starshine - this little book?

- selah -

Listen to the Word of Scripture.
Drink deeply of the Truth.

Hear the preaching of the Kingdom  -
the Kingdom within.

Find thyself in the wilderness -
in the wilderness of this world without.

Become totally lost to this world - listen,
listen and in seeking what you hear, repent.

Repent, that you may have hope. 
Pray, that you may have strength.
Believe, that you may have faith.

And have faith,
that you may understand...

You must complete this book.

you are loved,
each of you - as you are,
loved more than you will know.

So as you are loved,
love you must also.

By then - in time,
O Love of Emmanuel,
you shall know how.

True Light bestows True Sight