Saturday, May 24, 2014

Love Decides

VI. Love Decides

There is no perfect person, only perfect choices.

I used to believe
that love and lovers
come by chance...

Soulmate? Happenstance.

But nowadays, 
'tis different for me...

Nowadays, I am convinced
one has to be more romantic...
and also, more free.

- selah -

Love stories,
it is usually assumed, is all about hellos.

One meets a person,
they fall in love, they fall out of love,
then they rise and fall in a lost sea...
until one day... their own love finds them...
Or not.

It really depends...

Because the greatest love stories,
if one may allow, are all about good byes.

It takes a leap. Or many leaps to arrive at it.
But before that, many a fond, tearful farewell...
to the old. 

That the weeping may all be wept...

the heart has to trust - in the love itself.
The love that you and your beloved
chose to choose.

Which also chose you,
but - together
as one.

And there will be those times,
difficult times, when the heart decides
and then realizes...

Maybe after saying
all those painful good byes,
the heart in seeking for solace
may find - hello,
there is such a thing
as a soulmate
after all!

But perhaps,
not before.

do not happen at random,
I don't think so.

You decide.

Pinky Promise?