Friday, September 12, 2014

Extraordinary Universes

As children,
we used to carry with us
our own universes.

We carried them openly,
our eyes so full of wonder.

We understood it,
and believed completely
in its mystery.

Remember the questions we used to ask?

as the outside years found us,
we slowly grew out of it.

As the sheer weight
of time in the world descended upon our youth,
the ordinary universe outside of ourselves
merged with our own.

Slowly but surely,
the everyday world we must know
became opened and plain to our sight.

For good or ill.

Even now however, a part of us still believe...

In each of us truly is hidden,
the seeds of extraordinary, new worlds.

Personal Reflection

After I saw the Crystal Blue Sphere, it took me a while to eventually understand its finer details. What the lights were... Why the sphere was blue...

These realizations came to me in time. Usually, when I needed them. I saw how beautiful human life can be, especially when we come together in the peace of our living communities.

We are stars, constellations and galaxies together.

Each of us carry within ourselves the seeds of new universes.

When we were children, each of us carried this universe around with us all the time. It surrounded our souls with such wonder that the questions we asked in our youth were usually the most courageous questions we may ask in our lifetimes here on earth.

When we lose our sense of youth, we also lose that certain sense of wonder. Now, as regards this on-board, internal sense of wonder - physical aging affects it not.

We only become hardened to the spiritual realities within us when we allow the calm of that shining vision to be defeated by the deafening crash of exile time.

We become dark and aloof to everything wonderful and bright that can be in ourselves only when we allow what is ageless in ourselves to become eclipsed by its darkness.

For as we mature upon this world, we become more and more engaged in its external realities and the living universes within our souls slowly merge with the physical one - the one destined to die.

We forget.

We forget what is really beautiful is within, that each of us were born with it, and that to honor true beauty is to honor the LORD Who made us into near-infinite reflections of the wonder and the Beauty that He is.

We are those lights.

Clothed in a primordial darkness that is innocent as the first night, a living work in our Creator's hands, and mortally wounded from within by the Adversary of all creation.

Time in the world is a passage we all must endure.

Physical time must pass through the timeless in our hearts as threads through the eyes of needles - that we may together weave together a new creation with the LORD, our God and His Angels.

So here we are, destined by His Providence, even in this time and place, to live and prevail in Him. Freely and humanly, according to our own realizations of happiness and its willing pursuit.

Shining, together shining, shining and seeing far into this longest night - especially ordered according to the peace of our human communities - the nations of the one family of Mankind.

For when we are at peace as nations together, there is no darkness we can not pierce; no devouring beast or pursuing dragon that can prevent our swift and mighty ascent back to the LORD of all living communities and unto the Truth of His glory which is the realization of all our common human hopes.

This is why I shall never cease to have hope for my nation and for all our kindred nations. How can I? After all of this, it would be very difficult for me not to believe we can build a better, brighter world...

Dreaming as nations - together this time.