Saturday, July 28, 2012

Salutation #146


I feel we have crossed a threshold -

There is a definite change in the way the world is;
it is as if a cloud has descended upon our future, my people,
a menace that is not our doing...

There is a time of darkness ahead of us -
a time of uncertainty not necessarily evil in itself.

It may only become evil if we forget.

Let us then
hold on to our dream of Country,
let us carry on - together this time -
in spite of the gathering darkness,
despite our present lack of strength,
strive everyday to awaken this dream
in each ourselves, with each other,
and with all our other kindred nations -
all for a better world - for all.

Are we not the children of the Morning?

Night will pass,
the morning will come,
and we shall still be here.

the Day belongs to us
and we belong to the Day -
so bless the LORD, our God,
forever and ever
- alleluia -
now we will prove it to be true.