Thursday, July 26, 2012

Salutation #145

Look to the sea,
look to the flow.

Look to the heavens,
down here below.

(Hope Taking Wing [in Asia])


In a small pond,
we may seem like little fish -
because we are.

But the world
upon which our nation is established
is a much, much bigger pond.

It is a veritable sea
with much, much more fish
of every size, disposition, and spirit.

In this living sea,
everything is growing and breathing,
everything is in everything,
and this everything is in motion.

our perspective
is that of a small pond,
we shall remain little.

if our perspective
becomes large enough
to encompass the living sea,
we shall long for this one sea
and this longing shall
carry us forth.

In such a way,
little fish do not always remain little
nor do big fish live to belong in a pond.

is the way we are
at this present moment
with the PRC.

- selah -

our Asia can not be
without China
just as equally true is that
our Asia can not be
without the Philippines.

Our Asia can not be
without all the Asian nations together.

no Asian can ever truly experience
the true spirit of Asia as a continental belonging
without all the Asian nations
belonging together
and at peace with one another.

If we do not rise to meet her,
if we choose to remain in our own little ponds,
if we do not brave the journey to the one sea,
we will never realize this unity.

if we do not realize this unity,
we will always be lacking
either as our parts (national) or
as the sum of our parts (regional)
in the necessary strength
to overcome the vast problems
that have plagued our Asia
for centuries.

We, that is all of Asia,
and the generations after us
will suffer these same problems
multiplied by the spirit of the times.

But we have a choice!

The one Quest