Friday, July 6, 2012

Salutation #142

(Perceiving the Path)

When we think
to plan for our Country,
let us not think to plan
for a year, or two, or five,
or ten, or twenty.

When we plan
for this one Republic,
we are thinking of perceiving
- a path -
that opens a way
into forever.

So let us not be
so limited
by what years we posses (and perceive)
as individuals rather,
let all these years merge
- seamlessly, freely, lovingly -
into that great and fruitful longevity
that is our noble Republic undertaking;
the labor of our generations
to the very last of our generations!

let everything
lead into everything -
spirit unto Spirit
and truth unto Truth -
from hope to hope
and strength to strength -
because to everything
and in everything under heaven
there is a place and a season
in this Republic of ours.

   (So that
   if it is truly a good thing,
   and if this truly good thing matters
   to the welfare of our people
   from least to the greatest
   then, my compatriots,
   it may only be a matter of when.)

- selah -

Let us bear this now,
in mind and heart -

When we plan
for our Country,
we must plan - as if -
the entire width and breadth
of its glorious lifetime
was ours today.

A year
is a measure of distance
only if it is imparted with a certain motion
- towards or away -
depends upon each thy own heart,
how empty or how full.