Friday, July 6, 2012

Salutation #143

(From Star to Star, One Whole Sky)

According to how
a constellation is recognized
upon the sky
are our nations seen
upon the earth.

by its primary stars
- our own first magnitudes.

leadership matters,
the brightness
or the dimness of it.

to our first magnitudes,
we are enlightened, empowered,
and further led to the unfailing brightness
of the fullness of our timeless remembrance
as a people upon this earth.

to our national leadership,
we are led to our own completeness
without losing either
freedom or common humanity
ever as those individual stars above -
each of us sufficient for being
ourselves as ourselves
and from least to greatest.

By our completeness,
our nation becomes a sovereign whole
and power then emanates from this one whole -
the power to awaken the Republic vision,
the power to preserve and advance the peace,
the power to realize the national destiny
for all Filipinos
and for all nations.

Leaders beget only leaders,
ever as stars empower only stars.