Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Burden of Scalawag Cops

The uniform belongs only to those who wear it with honor.

General Purisima should not bear the burden of scalawag cops in his force. At the very least, it shall set a bad precedent for the rank. It is not part of his command responsibility to be psychic. 

After all, dirty cops must hide their activities behind the PNP uniform. They have to, don't they?

Good cops don't have to. To the finest belong the PNP institution - it's dignity and traditions are theirs alone. What the Republic admires as noble and excellent in our professional citizen-police are virtues - true and beholden - only to the spirit of good policing. Not to scalawags.

The service arm provide a citizen-police with additional protective cover. Additional because it really is the integrity of their badge that protects them. 

The national community recognizes the badge and so cooperates willingly with their finest within a system of Justice meant to preserve every good and wholesome thing universally loved and cherished in the life of our society, night and day, across the seasons, under our Sun and Sky.

Some cops go their entire career without firing a single shot in the line of duty. They are not less brave or less honorable than their fellow brothers and sisters in the blue.

Our mistrust of the uniform is directly a consequence of our internal divisions. Scalawag cops reinforce the appearance that our police is a force we should be unwilling to trust - as a service and an institution per se. This becomes a burden good cops must everyday live with. It makes them vulnerable.

The civilian character and national scope of our PNP should be allowed to reach its true promise and this may only be arranged when the normalization processes take into effect after the conclusion of the whole national peace process  Another benefit of peace we should look forward to...

Bad cops should bear the additional burden of General Purisima's contempt along with the contempt of all those who wear their PNP uniform with honor. 

That's my take on the matter.
Service. Honor. Justice.