Friday, September 19, 2014

The Seed of the Small Self

The mind is a synergy of forces.

Of all of the systems of the human being,
it is the most unitive.

It is first of all, aware -
and this awareness can be measured by its depth;
a measure which is near limitless because
the deeper one delves
to explore one's own human awareness,
the more expansive and infinitely small it becomes.

It realizes in us,
a knowledge of the smallness of the infinite;
that each our fragile seed of being is embraced
by an ocean of nothingness within one's own self -
profoundly terrifying and yet... also deeply comforting
for when the reaches of the mind becomes intimately known
so too does the vast and tranquil reaches of this "emptiness"
slowly open itself to our awareness as "light".

And aware of its being aware - 
in the light that knows that it is - of the Light,
one can sense the "being of the self"
knowing and not knowing - arising, awaking -
in the seed of the self, through the smallest of selves -
come afloat at the surface waters of the mind -
where time and the timeless meet
to become our own person.

At the surface of the timeless waters,
whatever is temporal and limited in ourselves is found,
time and space as it is experienced - at the surface of the deep -
experienced through the mind's sense
of ascending and descending
from a point shining as a sun within the heart,
in the seed of the self, through the smallness of selves -
in order to encounter within one's awareness,
the being arises from within the life of the soul -
so that the formless spirit in ourselves may proceed
to take form in the field of the temporal
and in the plane of the everyday
in the being of the mind.

I don't want to be anything other than 
what I've been trying to be lately...