Sunday, September 21, 2014


I see you, namaste. 
Peace be upon us.

Affirm life. Affirm death. 

Affirm good. Affirm evil. 
Affirm joy. Affirm pain.

Say yes. 

Good will unto all beings bless. 
Things in time return again to rest. 

Knowing not knowing. 

All is one. Forever.


Personal Reflection

(I shall refer to Man here without prejudice to Woman - as a reference to being not gender.)

   Man in his soul is a creature of the light clothed in darkness; a being of time, in time.

   To recognize the inward being of the human person is to see Man as he is.

   To see Man is to appreciate his humanity. To appreciate the humanity of Man is to respect his person.
   To respect the person of Man is to accept his being as Man.

   It is to say yes to Man.

   To do this is to understand the other as a reflection of the Divine Light in every Man.

   To embrace this freely is to love the other as thy self.

   It is to say yes to God.

Are we the bulb or the light in the bulb?

Namaste is more an experience than a greeting... 

It is just like saying, "peace".

Today is International Peace Day 2014.