Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts on the City Community

First of all, let us recognize the life of a City community with a separate peace, apart from the peace that we must together as one Republic accord to each other also as human persons and individual citizens. 

Let us love and regard the being of a City community as if it were a single person - born with a similar nature it shares with other Cities in our Republic as well as unique characters special to each one.

At the heart of every City is a promise. 

This promise is directly related to an old Chinese saying, "to get rich, build roads first."

When I reflect on this proverb, I am reminded of our Cities; that the orderliness and efficiency of their roads are a direct reflection of their health and well-being.

For our Cities are where our people work. Our Cities build together the national wealth. 

Self-interest is not the rule in any City community.

Wealth is the rule. 

People may come to be greedy. But a well-established City community prospers only in liberality.

For a City is never build. It is envisioned. 

Problems do not manage a City, it subdues its nature. Greed subverts its character and promise.

The City Executive is a manager of the City wealth. He or she must deal everyday with a restless kind of wealth, seeking always to break new ground and conquer hitherto unknown boundaries.  

He or she is not a manager of problems. The Mayor wisely envisions his or her City, manages its wealth, and the problems, whenever they shall arise, are managed by it. 

Sheer momentum of prosperity will repel most of it. 

Therefore, if one seeks to see into the heart of a City, bring it better wealth.

That each City may consistently be a realization of itself - shared by all.

Taken the right way, this is always true.

The way through a Mayor's heart is through his or her City. 

Right now, I am of the belief that our traffic problems are managing us. We are not managing it. It is essential that our City Executives come together in behalf of their communities and work it out... 

Envision it. 

I know we can. I believe it.