Friday, September 19, 2014

The Bird with the Beautiful Song

Recall to mind the 3rd Rupture: Man-Creation. Let me share a wonderful myth that specifically deals with this common human theme - from The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell pp. 76-77

MOYERS: Of course, we moderns are stripping the world of its natural revelations, of nature itself.

I think of that pygmy legend of the little boy who finds the bird with the beautiful song in the forest and brings it home.

CAMPBELL: He asks his father to bring food for the bird, and the father doesn't want to feed a mere bird, so he kills it.

And the legend says the man killed the bird, and with the bird he killed the song, and with the song, himself.

He dropped dead, completely dead, and was dead forever. 

Personal Reflection:

Our exile is not a place. It is a time.

Nature is asleep to our identity. The newness of the earth await our return from a time.

We do not need to fight against nature. We need to tame ourselves first and awaken to nature that we may effectively harmonize with the life of the earth.

It is us who need to awaken.

We need to reconnect with nature in ourselves and say peace unto the wilderness, the mountains, the plains, the rivers, the lakes, the seas and the skies and all the life therein.

That we may find once again in ourselves through our nationhood the freedom to make friends - and appreciate with strength of understanding - the bird with the beautiful song.

Nature is a Filipino national value.