Monday, February 25, 2013

Salutation #13

The difference between a monarch and a president is one of election.

The similarity is that both of them still have to make the surrender of kings - an acceptance of a life of service to the nation as a rule above all rules.

(Completing our EDSA)

To all our national communities, Peace -

A significant part of the peace of the times, my people,
as it concerns our nation, the Philippines,
involves bridging the gap between generations
and between administrations.

There are specific moments in our history
that we need to re-examine in light of these times.

And we shall do this not to scatter
either our belongings to each other
or our remembrances together
but to more fully gather them together
in and amidst ourselves.

For if we know ourselves as ourselves,
we can no longer be a nation
swayed hither tither by a dark night.

If we find confusion in our hearts about the past -
especially from 1986,
now is the time to re-examine these pivotal events.

And we shall do this with a view to establish the facts
upon more familiar grounds of fundamental truths
we have now re-discovered about ourselves as a nation
as well as about our nation in the context of its God-given right
to prosper and advance
under the peace of a Republic undertaking of Country.

Look upon these present times yourselves, my honorable compatriots,
and see the coincidences for what they are - signal graces.

My intention here is to guide you -
but you have to let yourself be led.
And not by me.

- selah -

All our Presidents have had something to give to our Country.

It is up to us to discern what good there is
that we have inherited from past Presidencies.

For if we remember only the problems,
we shall fail to build on the strength
of previous administrations.

It is only natural for every generation
to inherit a degree of evil
(to test their strength and commitment to the truth)
but sufficient for this evil - always -
is the good of the prevailing day.

We have come to remember
the faults of our Presidents
and may God allow it to serve our vigilance well.

But to the point that we tend to almost always forget their virtues,
we are consigning ourselves to a labor of unending beginnings.

For it is these virtues that connect our lineages together
and it is by the strength of these connections that we prosper.

If we are wise, my people,
and if the LORD, our God, blesses us,
even what darkness there is may lead us to the light.

Only those who are without remembrance remain in the dark.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

(produced 20110613)