Friday, February 22, 2013

What is your world view?

Our Philippines,
when we emerge to become a developing Country
(and we will because we must)
will emerge into a nascent family of nations -

each of these nations endowed by God with both
- a hope that is in common with ours
as well as an experience particular to each their peoples,
shaping for that nation also
- a hope which is particular to them.

Our emerging in these present days,
as we are now just learning,
depend just as much upon our own strength and self-reliance
as upon our national view of the world -
how we belong to it, and how we plan to integrate with it -
therefore, one of the first things I should like to ask our candidates,
both executive and legislative,
is this -

What is your world view?

For if, God-helping,
we become the mature Republic
the LORD is calling us to be,
this sense of a world view shall guide us
in our treatment of other nations -
so may the LORD preserve us from vanity
that we may as a nation hope to prevail
against the errors of the past age.