Monday, December 12, 2011

Salutation #76

You might say, my dear Filipino soul, that that embattled region of our Asia, the Middle East, is not our concern - not our concern at all.

Ah, but it is!

Believe me when I say it, the fate of many nations depend on it.

- selah -

Here is a map of the region: Where are the divisions here?

My beloved brothers and sisters of the Promise,
hear me when I say -

The lines on a map are artificial
- insofar as we understand -
that these are not meant to scatter the hearts of our nations
nor divide and dilute the concentrated spirit of our common humanity
but to facilitate the temporal labor of our nations (as Countries upon our world)
that we may better bring continually forth and preserve
a wholesome and healthy sense of meaningful purpose to our world
sustaining an order built upon a just and abiding peace
among all peoples of the earth
according to the needs of every present time.

these lines become permanent divisions
that lay its dark siege against the life of our nations
insofar as the peoples of Mankind forget that
- Unity is Eternal -
and the hearts of the children of Mankind
freely and willingly permit
the War in heaven a place on earth.

Salutation #76

(The one Cause of Palestine)

Palestine is divided,
the sky above the heart of Asia
lay shattered only because we accept it.

Say thee with me,
I for one do not accept it!

Neither do I accept the manifold evils
that embattle her peoples, making them suffer,
in spirit as well as in temporality.

For my vision of the region
and every undertaking of Country that must animate all these favored lands
is not one of division but of unity.

So peace be with you!

Unity is Eternal.

Let this be your vision as well.

- selah -

To the nations -
When art thou going to stop
feeding the insatiable division that is slowly
killing the needful cause of the peace of Modern Israel
and therefore, making permanent the darkness engulfing
all the suffering peoples of that choice and blessed region of Palestine?

To all you with hearts to listen,
all my brothers and sisters of the Promise -

The "Palestinians" stand for a cause
for which all nations are in spirit purposed on earth
by the God of all heaven and earth.

If they were not
- in the eyes of many -
one people united in heart before,
all of this present turmoil, tragedy and grief
has certainly bound them together
as one nation now.

This is a truth that by any other name remains the truth.

if you shall say the "Palestinians" are an invented people,
then you might be implying that the cause for which they are united
is a fabricated cause.

And if you shall say that the Palestinian Cause is a fabricated cause,
this might indicate that you are unable to grasp the long view of the region.

And if you allow yourself to freely believe this,
for whatever reason, conscious or unconscious, you may allow;
if you fail to consider the realities on the ground,
you support neither Israel or Palestine.

Say thee with me,
I will never stand for nor tolerate terrorism
nor shall I ever desire the destruction of any nation
above all Israel whom one should love dearly
and to whom one should speak the truth.

if we are not careful, O my nations,
if we continue to allow for the deception of War
to sow its scattering in each our hearts;
if we permit the beast of War
even a toehold in our souls,
we all shall fail.

- selah -

I have always maintained - to each of you -
that the Middle East is where the siege of War shall be broken;
that it is here where the darkness of the last great age of war shall be lifted,
however, I have also always carefully reminded each of you that this is a choice
and that we must make this choice today while it is still today.

For our unity is an integral part of our liberty as nations
- human nations, O human Man,
nations dreaming together this time.

my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
let this be the prayer in our heart -

Let there be peace across all of Palestine;
a peace to calm the storm at the heart of our Asia!

Let there be peace across all of Palestine -
for the sake of all the nations of our needful world,
including our beloved Philippines.

Above all,
let there be peace across all of Palestine
- a constant reign of truth -
for the sake of those long-suffering peoples
descended from the lineages of
both Isaac and Ishmael
(both of which are beloved of God as we are beloved of God)
and the nations God had intended for their safety and progress
for the honor of the LORD,
the glory of the unity of God,
and the salvation of many.