Sunday, December 4, 2011

Salutation #74

The one music in you is the one music in me.

(The Filipino Dream)

Know the (Filipino) Dream, see the (Republic) Vision.

- selah -

There is a dream in myself which is for myself.
There is a dream in yourself which is for yourself.

But the dream in all ourselves
- must exist -
within a greater dreaming.

This is our national dreaming,
which from the time our nation was conceived
- in the Mind of God -
till the moment our nation is once again received
- into the Heart of God -
constitutes one whole dream.

This dream is the Filipino Dream.

And everyday we wake up
with the love of our nation in our heart
is everyday we add to the splendor
of its eventual awakening.
For every day we improve our lives
and the lives of our Countrymen and women
is every day we realize its Promise
in each ourselves - for all of us -
together this time.

Because the Dream which is ours
is one continuous dreaming
and each of us contribute
toward its completion
in each ourselves.

It may only reach its fulfillment
when the national destiny is reached
by the last of our generations.

When our Country is perfected
by the God of all Countries.

No one can truly define
- the Filipino Dream -
but the Filipino.
And each of us contribute
toward its completion in ourselves.

our national dreaming,
my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
is NOT a material dream.

And of this truth
we should be especially vigilant:
For the happiness we desire
- as individuals and as a nation -
is not a thing of the earth
but a happiness in the spirit.