Thursday, December 29, 2011

Salutation #80

I saw a vision of two worlds -
two paths leading away from each other...
two choices - with nothing - in between;
one is a freedom that leads to a future bright,
the other a return to the darkness of the night -
a choice begun in every human heart
a choice to return us again from the start.

(Crystal Blue Sphere)

a crystal blue sphere,
shining with a multitude of living lights.

The vision came to me quite abruptly
while I was awake in the day,
riding a jeep home from work.

The vision stayed for a time before me as I wondered.
I wondered at how wondrous and beautiful beyond imagination it was
that I thought I was seeing through the eyes of angels.

Then a darkness came over the vision
and it seemed to me for an instant that it was no longer there.

- selah -

But it was, O my nation,
before me was a world so overrun by sin and war
that it was no longer distinct from the nothingness of the void -
an unknown earth bereft of light,
forsook by heaven,
and forgot by God.

My New Year 2012 hope -

I pray for more leaders who are accountable to God first that the LORD may craft them into proper instruments of a government wholly dedicated and responsible to the people they serve.

Leaders who at every level of government embody the definition of a popular mandate being interested in neither fame nor notoriety but in establishing in our nation through their persons the divine authority that makes us all equal before the LORD both in dignity and in promise.

Loyal leadership like these may only arise from a nation faithful to its own truth, arrayed in time as an undertaking of Country at one with its own mission and at peace with its own vision.

Therefore, I pray - first and foremost - for our nation: May we now become what we've always dreamed of becoming... mabuhay!

This is my new year hope. God bless the Philippines!