Monday, December 5, 2011

Salutation #75

A Nation at peace with its own truth is a Country at one with its own heart.

(The Pursuit of Happiness)

Happiness is not a freedom to do anything.

Happiness is the ability
to consistently do the right thing
in spite of everything.

a happy person is a person
in possession of his or her own freedom.

One who obtains happiness
by striving to live a life
that is truly free.

- selah (pause for thought) -

a lot of people look for peace
for all peoples have an idea of what happiness is
but only a few know where to begin.

No one can tell you what the truth for you is like
but you can listen to others
to find out where to begin looking
for thy own truth.

For your peace is your own.
But your peace is never meant
to only be yours.

For you are like a star - that -
once aflame must reach out to shine
for other stars across time and distance
- against the Night.

the individual is important.
But this importance must exist
within a community that values it.
This is our liberty.

- selah -

Once you are in possession
of the truth in your own heart
- O Beloved of the LORD -
it may only be taken away
by your lack of vigilance.

For no one can dictate to you
what you must will to cherish forever
- in the city within thy own heart -
within those worlds within thyself.

Heaven and earth may only give thee
good counsel and due caution.

So be careful of the false images
that are specifically intended
for the ruin of your dreams
and the overthrow of thy own peace.

For once you are in possession
of thy peace in thy own heart,
it may only be uprooted
(and may God forbid it)
by your freely giving it away.