Monday, December 26, 2011

Salutation #79

The freedom of Man
and the freedom of Angels
are not unlike each other!

Let us always remember that the liberty
of all the nations of the children of Mankind
is established not for the taking but for the giving -
for it is in giving that we receive;
it is in giving that all Men are set free.

- selah -

(Religion in the Public Domain)

Don't be a hypocrite.

Don't be afraid to say it - "Merry Christmas!"

How can we respect other religions if we can not respect our own?

a genuine respect for the power of faith - in any person -
only comes from a genuine experience of religion.

So if you are afraid to practice your own - for any reason,
how can you hope to understand
what substance of truth there is to be had
in the exercise of your own faith?

If you do not understand
- with a knowledge of the truth -
the blessings bestowed upon you by your own religion,
how can you understand the hope
that other people must invest
in the free exercise of theirs
however different they may be to you?

There is a place for religion in the public domain -
for so long as (1) it does compete,
one against the other - to the confusion of many,
for a position of dominance in the civic sphere;
for so long as (2) the Spirit of God is given a free hand
to work the work of completion He intends in all human hearts ;
for so long as (3) the spirit of War is denied entry into the heart of our nations;
for it shall be natural for all truth to come together -
not so that all things may be the same - conformity without diversity,
but so that the purpose of God in all things may be fulfilled.

Merry Christmas!

Can you see through the cartoon -

If you love humanity, say to thy own soul:

Drink deeply, O my heart, we have much to do...

Think about it -

"People who have a religion should be glad, for not everyone has the gift of believing in heavenly things." (Anne Frank, July 6, 1944)

Take note of how my Anne described the activity of faith in religion - a gift.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace - Maligayang Pasko!
Mabuhay po tayong lahat ngayong Pasko at kapayapaan sa darating na taon.