Sunday, November 20, 2011

Salutation #72

If only we knew, O my people -
if only we knew how complete we are;
how illustrious and noble the spirit of our nationhood,
how dignified the purpose of our coming together,
how blessed the nature of our one Republic undertaking -
if only the truth about us were not veiled by the darkness
we would all be one heart and one mind.

- selah -

(Freedom is to Know)

God bless the Philippines!

The great challenge we face in our time
is not the waging of another world war.

The great challenge we face in our time
is the winning of a lasting peace for our world.

Peace is the challenge we face
- my brothers and sisters of the Promise -
and it shall demand from each of us
a deeper and more profound sense
of moral courage and determination
- at par with the timeless virtues -
of all those victorious generations
of times and places past.

This is our time.
Lest we forget. Lest we forget.

a nation at peace with its own truth
- arrayed across our generations -
into a single endeavor of Country at one with its own heart
shall be our greatest and surest guarantee
of safe passage into the new age
beckoning before us.

A nation's motion is the motion of Country
and the soul of Country is in the life of its nation -
- each can not be without the other -
and both must be decided upon
- by each of us -
today while it is still today.

Freedom is to know.

Remember - 

War is not the test,
O nations of the children of Mankind...
War is the tutor.

Allowed only for a time.

Peace is the test.
And to pass this test
brings success.