Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Salutation #64

The color black is the color of hope. Green is the color of the perennial nature of hope.

For hope is upon the earth, in a constant state of subtle transformation, rising and falling as all things ascend to God, in steady cycles of loss and fulfillment.

When black is used to remember death, it is not used to signal the finality of death, but to remind us of the hope that is invested in death - for black is also the color of the expectation of life.


All the death that we see
upon this world of earth and fire
- with our physical sight -
is a temporal death.

But there is a hidden death
- the second death -
the death of the soul of Man.

Of this hidden death,
the soul of Man implicitly knows and naturally fears
for it is the death of his life.

And though reason might oftentimes confuse the two,
we human beings should truly fear the death of the soul.

For this is the true death!

But temporal death is a transformation -
for those who value life to the point of giving it - everlasting life.
for those who hate life to the point of taking it - everlasting death.

So today,
we honor our brethren and sisters
who have passed away from life into everlasting life -
all the official Saints of our Holy Mother Church
but especially those Saints of God who are known to God alone
each those Saints who are especially chosen by the LORD
to become known to each of us alone - as our special friends -
who are all those who are victorious against death.

So let us express our love for them today
all our victorious dead - let us remember them
- solemnly and meaningfully and sincerely -
every beloved one of ours - all our family and friends -
who has passed away from the sight of our eyes
into the quickening Light of the Vision of the LORD;
all those who loved us with the love of God till the end.

Let us rest assured
in the knowledge of the faith
that they are well and that we shall one day
be one with them in God and in all truth - forever.

For life is life and death is death.

- selah -

Glorified be God - forever -
in all His Angels and in all His Saints, alleluia.

Everybody have a safe and meaningful All Saints' Day 2011.

Glory to God the Father!
Adoration to Jesus Christ!

Alleluia, peace be unto our nation
and peace be unto all our nations;
good will to all men and women of Peace.

To lose Love is to die.