Thursday, November 10, 2011

Prayer to God as First Defender of the Republic

Look upon us this moment,
O LORD, God above all things,
and abide with us now
in our necessary struggle
as First Defender of this Republic
to obtain for our people
the remembrance of Thy peace
and the blessings of Thy freedom.

Bless our one Filipino nation,
O LORD and Giver of all good things,
each and every Filipino heart,
that yet believes with conviction
in this endeavor of Country
that we may by our own willingness
be transformed by Thy abundant mercy.

Tarry with us in the darkness
O LORD and Sovereign of all nations
help us, teach us, bless us
that we may prosper in Thy sight
and in Thy grace and in Thy counsels
remain secure in Thy commandments
walking upright in Thy ways
that we may become the light
that You want this nation
and every nation to be
upon this, our midnight world,
so much in need of Thy presence
like the daybreak twilight is
so much in need of Thee.

For us, Christians, we must add:

This we humbly implore
in the Name of Jesus Christ,
our most loving Lord and Savior,


For all the rest:

This we humbly implore,
O LORD and one common Creator
of all things, seen and unseen,