Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love Dares

I - Love Dares -

Can you hide it when you are in love?
Would you be a fool and feign affection when there is none?

For love is like a song that must be heard!

When love sings, there is harmony and it knits every word.
When there is no love, there are only words and no rhyme.

When a fool sings, it is without meaning.
For only a lover can sing to the heart.

Love is wise that makes itself vulnerable.

So when you are in love, make sure to let thy beloved know.

In the midst of the din and the haste
of thy everyday living, let thy beloved know -
with words but especially without, sing her a song.

Let thy beloved know of thy love -
let the whole world hear of thy sweet, sweet melody
and everything will soon fall quiet as your hearts begin to sing...