Thursday, November 10, 2011

Salutation #70

The Peace of the LORD be with us all.

Be wary of those tired old conventions of past things -
for the LORD is not a God of divisions!

Nor is thy God a maker of lies and a sower of confusion.

For the LORD God is but one God alone -
nothing rises out of the darkness into the unity of God
that does not lead to the Truth.

You have the written Word of God in thy Scriptures
as well as the Word of God unfolding in thy present reality -
see from the witness of history where the will of War has taken thee
and discern from the faithfulness of God where it shall all lead.

- selah -

(A Call to Remembrance)

O MANKIND, my nations,
saith the LORD, our God,
where is thy one heart?

The heart that yearns
to be one as I AM one.

O ye believers, listen:
Have thou loved the other?

Have thou seen through
Babel's confusion?

O ye peoples, gather about!
Return to Me, O my portion,
come and learn again My ways
for My ways lead thee to life
and My Peace is thy only path.

Know ye the Truth
and I shall set thee free.

I am the LORD, thy living God:
Behold! I am but one God alone,
worship Me not with thy divisions!

Serve me not with wars' ambition
but turn away, O stars of Abraham,
and serve the life of My creation.

Terrorism is a crime not a cause.

Promise of Old

Never Again!