Thursday, November 3, 2011

Salutation #66

How long before we can bring them relief?

To many it shall be too late...

How shall we stand accountable
- for our gift of belonging to each other -
to the God of all heaven and earth?

How shall we explain
our claim to rightful citizenship?

(Identifying with the Peace)

I am for Peace.
I am passionate for the peace.
I will always be for peace.

But I am not for endless talk without fruit.

And the fruit I am seeking
is every form of good
- both in heaven and on the earth -
which is edible to our people
and eternally pleasing to the God of all peoples:
the LORD - our King - and one Sovereign of all nations;
fruit which is especially wholesome - for the littlest Filipino -
on the ground of our Land of the Morning.

I am the same as War - in that -
I do not discriminate between distinctions
that make a Filipino into his or her own unique person.
A hungry Filipino is a hungry Filipino
- no matter the differences -
that make us into Christians, Muslims, or Lumads;
male or female, young or old, better or worse, richer or poorer -
for we are one nation, my beloved people!

All our generations is entrusted by the LORD to the care of each other
and our singular consecration before the God in Eternity is to life;
unto the life of our nation is invested the hope of Sacred Life
all plant and all animal life, both great and small,
especially those who are native to our lands
- above all human life!

Peace is our common salutation.

Fly Old Defiant:

Defy War. Defy Darkness. Defy Evil. Defy Corruption. Defy Poverty.

Prosper the Peace! Prosper the People!