Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salutation #65

In a previous post on All to my All, I have attempted to write about the purgatorial state. I have returned to that post and have found it to be confusing. I apologize.

Today, I shall again attempt to describe it for us.

(The Pain of Purgatory)

You are invited to a banquet with the King.
And so you became consumed with anxiety as to what to do, where to begin...

You know you could not afford a gift fit for a Monarch.
For you are dirt poor and had no real money.
All you had were the rags on your back and a desire to respond to the invite.
How could a person like you respond to such an invitation?
You knew nothing of the ways of Royalty.

So the King sent to you His only-begotten Son
to teach you the Way and introduce you to the Person of the King.
And through His Crown Prince, the King sent you all the money you need.

For this Prince redeemed the earth and all its wealth for you
by inflicting upon the enemy prince a devastating blow!
All thy Holy Redeemer asked is for you to continue with your desire
and to come at the appointed hour in the Name of the King.

All that God asked is that you always for always remember.

That hour has come for the souls in Purgatory.

They have completed their own personal gifts for the King on earth
and have yet to complete their exquisite wedding clothes;
royal robes tailored from the necessary cloth of virtue
and sown with golden threads of charity and joy.

These Holy Souls are held in a state of indescribable expectation
as they send for our timely help to complete their final hopes on earth.
For they have kept their desire complete in the Name of the King
and have clung to the promise of His Crown Prince.

All we have to do - here on earth -
is to send to them the rest of their clothes
through acts of love made by us - for them - from earth.
And we are to send these up to them on the wings of prayer.

After all,
they are the souls of our loved ones
who loved us till the end on earth
and shall continue to love us
with no end in heaven.

Such is the pain of Purgatory a pain of certainty.
It is a sure and steady state between love and its longing for Love.

At the end of time as we know it, all the Holy Souls shall be victorious
and this necessitate Suffering Church shall be for us - no more -
but not because of our prayers on earth or their longing for God in heaven
but because the victory wrought for us by the Prince is one that is complete.

At the end of time as we know it,
we all shall be united once more - body and soul.

All that God asked is that we always for always remember.

For the Justice of God the Father is perfected
by the Love that He sent to us in Christ Jesus the Lord.
The ever living waters of the Spirit shall rise
to fill all things on earth and in heaven.
But the hopes of the damned in hell shall dry up
- into dust and ashes.

Everybody have a safe and meaningful All Souls' Day 2011!

Glory to God the Father!
Adoration to Jesus Christ!

Alleluia, peace be unto our nation
and peace be unto all our nations;
good will to all men and women of Peace.

As Christians we do not celebrate death.
We celebrate the LORD's victory over death.