Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love Shines

III - Love Shines -

The Love of God is as bright as Day
and the heart of Man pines for its fullness.

The heart of Man awaits the coming of the LORD
like the Darkness awaits the dawning of the Light.

For we are the image of God
in each of ourselves,
the likeness of our Creator -
God fills us with His Love
and our hearts come to life in Him.

God comes to us
and He becomes God to us
by the Love we choose
to receive from Him.

For all of love is a giving;
a freedom that begins with God
and ends again with God.

It clothes us with the dignity to be
and empowers us with the grace to become -
the love of the LORD in each ourselves;
a limitless and omnipotent grace.

For the Lord Christ is the Light
and to Him belong the fullness of the Day.

- selah -

We are the love we give away;
what light we shine unto others -
For all of love is a giving.
It is a freedom.

We become all things by the love we freely give -
a reflection of the self that is shed as a light unto others.

The more we give
the more we become
the image of our true selves.

The less light that we shine
the less brightly we stand out
in the midst of the darkness.

A friend becomes a friend
by the reflection of the friendship
he or she offers to others souls
not unlike him or herself.

A father clothes himself
with the dignity of a father
by the light of the love
he gives away -

A husband clothes himself
with the dignity of a husband
by the light of the love
he gives away -

In the same way,
wife becomes a mother
and a mother, a sister,
and a sister, a friend.