Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Lion of the Sea

I saw a City,
a City by the bay
and the throne of a Lion -
the Lion of the Sea.

I saw you, O City,
all covered in grime
like a widow weeping
the victim of a crime.

Return again, O Lion,
thou great lover of brav'ry,
reclaim again thy City
let thy Justice roam free.

- selah -

I saw a Nation,
a Nation by the sea -
a poor and forlorn people
awaiting for thee.

O saw you, O Nation,
despairing in the darkness
like an orphaned son -
alone amidst the madness.

Awaken then, O Lion,
O ruler of the free -
reclaim again thy spirit
and let thy glory be!

(original produced 20110611)