Friday, July 26, 2013

Salutation #180

Man is a victim by first principle.

(Tread Carefully)

We live in a bubble of reality
hospitable to our humanity - body and soul -
ONLY by a mere fraction of a thought
yet the One Who does the thinking
loves the each of us infinitely
enough to keep it all indefinitely
IF - it were at all possible -
that He may save all of us
from our own choices.

If it were possible...
for even God, being our God,
does not seek power over our freedom -
Things will then end in this universe,
as science has so clearly seen,
when the purpose of God in time is fulfilled
in order for those of us who truly wish
to be simply free in the LORD
to have a real beginning...

Tread carefully.

We are the Children because we are most vulnerable of All.
We are the Children also because we are most precious of All.