Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Legacy of Lincoln: Equality

Vindicate the Thirteenth Amendment
that prohibited from among the Many States
the institution of slavery
and win for thy Nation its intended victory,
in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln
and all who stand with him,
and in thy constant Remembrance, Citizen,
abolish the sin of inequality
in thy own heart.

The legacy of Lincoln is not perfect and was left to thy memory in need of some vital work, America. For the easy and idealized version of it conceals the hard truths...

The debt of remembrance owed to those dark and bitter times is without refute. 'Tis a labor of thy own heart, America, better perceived when it is claimed together with the memory of all those 600,000 souls who from thy 16th President's time intimately gave to each of thee, thy Nation's re-birth in freedom.

After the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, at the conclusion of the most bloodiest war ever fought within thy own Soul, the sin that sheltered and fed the many evils of slavery was left neither uncovered in the public forums of thy Republic nor defeated in the spirit of the Truth; it's overt symptom from within thy own Nationhood being merely and expeditiously prohibited by law.

For inequality was yet a living aberration in the heart of thy Nationhood; the victory intended by Lincoln was not won, and it's time never came to be.

In another hundred years, the incompleteness of this particular remembrance in thy Nation shall stir another generation to dare to ask the same question of Equality (the truth of which was already bravely fought for by Lincoln and company with visionary zeal and love of common humanity - at such an expense - during their own times and places - in spite of the greater adversarial nature of the times unto which they all belonged - for thy own good behalf).

For the Eternal Ideal of Equality, inked forever in the spirit of the Declaration that decisively conceived in time, through the great Providence of God, thy one Nationhood, was not consummated in the Truth after 1865, it was tried and tested then, America, then tried and tested again in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s own time, even as it is now being tried and tested still - in these sundry times, in these latter days...

For a question will ask until it ceases to be a question... what makes wealthy all Men, America? And what wealth makes any Nation great?

What was saved by Lincoln and all those who fought and bled with him on thy good behalf was a seed. How it shall prosper for all those for whom the seed was saved - at such great a cost to the life and promise of thy Nation is left - lovingly - to the life and labor of thy generations - today and all that is yet come - until the one spirit of Humanity - in the great and noble House of America - feels itself at Peace, and it's Truth - welcome, one and complete in the many as well as in the one.

Lest we forget, lest we forget...

For the sin of inequality is a transgression against common humanity. Material is its form and has no quality to present to the spirit - only confusion - for it is neither a value that elevates, nor a virtue that ennobles, but a social sin with social consequences, foul and unwholesome to any human community.

Far from blessing, it curses. Far from healing, it prolongs death. Far from enriching, it impoverishes.