Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Four Values

Eternity - 
a strong and abiding sense
of the Spirit of God in All things -
a quiet dedication to the Unseen LORD;
to the Truth, to the Creative Ideal,
and to the Timeless in All things.

Virtue - 
a bright and shining love
of the glory of God in all things -
an awareness of what is Good in all things;
of what is upon Earth and in Heaven
truly excellent and worthy
of the Praise and the Memory
of All creation.

Humanity - 
a deep and meaningful understanding
of what makes the person "in each one of us" human -
a great affinity to the noble truths about our Common Humanity;
a compassionate knowledge and faithful respect
of what is (1) innocent in the Truth,
of what is (2) broken upon the Earth,
of what is (3) wounded and in need
of care and of repair
in Man.

Universality - 
a profound and powerful commitment,
born of every true and genuine understanding
of what makes the Nation "in every all of us" human,
to the one, true Peace of the one, true God -
a zealous dedication to the promise of the LORD,
the one Sovereign of the Nations of the Children of Mankind
that by His faithfulness to the stars of our Father Abraham,
God shall deign to bless our Nations forever
and deepen us in the Truth - ever as one whole Sky -
of the hidden Wholeness that behind all things
gather All things - despite all things
unto Unity and into Peace.