Saturday, July 20, 2013

An Emerging Republic

The next time you hear, "third world country"... THINK.

Whenever I hear a fellow Filipino refer to our Republic undertaking of Country as "a third world country", I think of the mindlessness of such talk and shudder at the thought that many of us may still, for lack of a better working model, thoughtlessly accept this concept of a three world global order based on perhaps, a most narrow and unfair definition of national wealth.

Too, there is something implicitly prejudicial about the concept...

We are NOT a "third world country". We are an emerging Republic - just one of the many undertakings of Country (Republic or otherwise) cast upon a World afloat in a vast temporal ocean composed of Nations unevenly spread, under the unfathomable dictates of the Providence of God, upon an area of earth, sea, air, space, and spirit that comprise in all its sum (at the time of this writing), only a single planetary whole.

We exist, a Nation among Nations, growing great through our labors of Country as Trees exist, growing together in a Garden of Many Trees.

We (1) emerge to belong, (2) we belong to build, (3) we are built to become, (4) we become to belong, and (5) we belong to be one with the One - for these are the Five Ages of Country.

We are, therefore, we must.

The Ages of Country