Friday, August 24, 2012

Salutation #152

The War in heaven is in the heart.

(The Planet of War)

derives from Mars
better science.

This is so
because the work of science
is the progression of the knowledge
of science.

Likewise -

derives from Mars
better citizenship.

   Citizenship being the act
   of placing one's own true self
   in the service of God and Country.
This is so
because the common work of citizenship
is the cultivation of civilization.

   Civilization being the work
   of instilling the creative, regenerative,
   and lawful order of heaven upon the earth -

   It is the labor of forming the unknown earth;
      the untamed worlds of lower creation,
      veiled in darkness and scattered across the void
   into the inhabited earth which is the perfected domicile of Man;
      a universe shining with a myriad living lights, unveiled in perfect form,
      reflecting the golden glory of the Creator of all (the realms of) creation.

   It is the labor of the nations of the children of Mankind;
      the dedicated work of both matter and spirit, heaven and earth -
      God, (the Holy) Angels and (the nations of) Man together.

Therefore -

What does
an understanding of the red planet
give to our citizenship?

Better citizenship.

what knowledge
can citizens derive from
the planet of War?

Better civilization.

Mars gives us an actual glimpse
of what a planet looks like
after the spirit of War
has finished it off.

Utterly defeated.

Citizenship is in the soul - 'tis a seeking in the self -
an integral part of the blossoming of every human life.
So you breath it in your spirit, and you live it in your life
- you seek it like the motion of a love learning to love -
you long for it in yourself - until you are full for the truth -
until your belonging is absolute and your joy is complete.

(Photos courtesy of NASA - with thanks!)