Monday, August 20, 2012

Salutation #150

A Christian without prayer is like a soldier without a rifle.

(Rosary of Hope)

My people -

Do not be afraid
neither be confused.

Dark have our times become
so we have to let the darkness be...

Let us busy ourselves
not with the darkness.

Let us busy ourselves
with the things of the light.

And learn
of the coming of the morning
even in the midst of the night.

In these times,
we have a need to shine
ever as the stars promised of old
to our Father Abraham -
together this time.

I will share each with you
(though I feel most unworthy to do so),
my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,
the horizontal aspect of the vertical rosary -

The rosary of hope.

   I need your help in praying this rosary.

   Let us intercede for each other
   with the Blessed Mother.

   Let us pray as a nation.

we now
have reason
under this season
to pray harder,
hope brighter,
love kinder,
and believe truer
than we ever
have before.

Rosary of Hope (condensed)

I have gleaned from this rosary
many of the things I have come to know
about our undertaking of Country
in relation to our own nation
and in relation to our kindred nations
though I am not perfect in my prayer habits.

This is so
because God is merciful
and our Lady loves this nation
and through our nation wills to extend this love
to all the nations of the children of Mankind
through the liberation of the human heart in prayer
   (the ultimate expression of which
   is the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus Christ
   in and across all Christian hearts)
and the gradual strengthening of the human spirit
in and across all our kindred nations,
making us all one human family - in hope.

Begin with the intention to begin:

Lord Jesus, let me offer to You, this rosary of hope.

+Sign of the Cross

The Apostle's Creed -
meditate on Christian unity
and harmony among the churches.

The First our Father -
meditate on the unity of the LORD, our God.

The first three Hail Mary's -
meditate on the distinct Personages
of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The first Glory be -
meditate on the glory of God;
the culmination of all our faith,
the realization of all our hopes,
the perfection of all our love -

Identify (intimately) with the Kingdom in thee,
seek to bring it forth into the darkness of the world.

The Five Meditations

1st Meditation - True Self
2nd Meditation - Family
3rd Meditation - Friends
4th Meditation - Nation/s
5th Meditation - Mother Church

The our Father -
obedience and submission
to the will of God for you.

The 10 Hail Mary's - lineages of hope -
here you will take your petitions with our Lady
into the Presence of God, our Father.

The Glory be
meditate on the glory of God;
the culmination of all our faith,
the realization of all our hopes,
the perfection of all our loves -
here you will now lovingly surrender
the fruit of thy thoughts
with our Lady
into the hand of Jesus Christ,
our one Savior.

After each Meditation pray:

"O my Jesus
zealous for souls
thirsting for the love of Mankind
Come, Lord Jesus,
be Thou the God of my heart
and accomplish in me Thy will of Peace."

Here you will take
positive personal responsibility
to freely act on the fruits of thy prayer.

You may finish with a Salve Regina
or any Marian Salutation.

the rosary is a house.
It is the house of the Immaculate.
Respectfully thank our Lady for allowing us 
entrance into intimacy of her home.

+Sign of the Cross

Gradually come out of your mediation...

Some Personal Notes:

When people ask you for your prayers
or when your heart is inclined by the Spirit of God
to intercede in behalf of other people,
needful as thou art needful,
you can now include these
in a particular mediation in this rosary.

Prayer requests feed into this rosary.

If you pray them
in the atmosphere of each meditation
with an open and loving heart,
you will gain certain insights
on the hopes that other people bear
for self and for others like the self
and these insights will serve to strengthen
your own sense of charity.

This likewise holds true with your own hopes.

You must never again
say yes to a prayer request
without meaning yes!

Never offer to pray
for the hope of another
without will or understanding.

prayer is in your spirit
it is an attitude of thy heart -
as far as your soul is concerned
it is the first thing and the last thing 
for it begins not and it ends not
you feel it motion when you are still
and when you are disturbed, it is calm
stirring up only the darkness in thee
that you may soon remember
that you may soon know
that you may soon be.

So always give thanks 
to the Holy Spirit Who loves us 
to no end.

A Sample Schedule:

Mon - Joyful
Tue - Sorrowful
Wed - Glorious
Thu - Luminous
Fri - Hope
Sat - Hope
Sun - Hope/Holy Mass

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Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.