Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Godspeed, Jesse Robredo

We got you back from the sea, sir,
but God has already taken you away
into Himself...

The will of the LORD be done.

So must you rest now, Sec. Robredo.

We will continue
to fight the good fight
to bring our Republic forward
into the new age.

To your family,
and to your friends,
our deepest gratitude
and sincerest condolences.

May your good life be a shelter to us.
May your steadfast faith be a comfort to us.
May the Almighty God be our greatest consolation.

God keep you, sir.
We will remember you.
Be at peace.

I did not personally know you, sir.
But I personally felt your passing away
very, very much... salamat po.

Jesse Manalastas Robredo (19580527-20120818) via con Dios.

We have not completely lost Jesse Robredo,
for we are now living in the dream that he helped us dream
and for as long as we are working together to awaken this dream,
his spirit will always be with our nation.

That's why I never bade him good bye.

To Captain Jessup Bahinting (who served our Country with honor)

and to Kshitiz Chand (who loved his native Nepal) via con Dios.  


For they went in the way of our heroes -

And though we must now part
for as long as we are a nation
for as long as we remember
they shall never be apart.