Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Salutation #149

THERE IS a fundamental strength in the heart of our humanity. It is a strength often obscured by many divisions and many sins.

Yet it is still there... 

We may at times forget it but it may never forget us.

The Assumption of our Lady reveals to us this strength; the ultimate triumph of a fully human life.

(Assumption Day 2012)

The Blessed Virgin Mary
loves the Philippines!

But not by name alone,
she does not draw herself close
to the heart of our nation simply because
we choose to call ourselves
such and such.

Let us be proud to be Filipinos
and to call ourselves Filipinos!

Our heroes
and their noble lineages
were never shy of the name.

But let us never forget
the essential spiritual values
that create and re-create
in and through our generations,
the spirit of the nationhood
in each ourselves.

Let us not just be,
as if everything relied on externals,
let us become - and strive together
to always, always become.

For every appearance on the earth
draws its existence from the spiritual
to imbue it with virtue and purpose
and to give it motion and form.

So let us be a prayerful people,
a nation not unfamiliar with gifts of mystery -
pondering the invisible, indescribable, undeniable
things of God in our hearts.

Lest a false sense of ruinous pride
overtake our people and subvert our peace,
turning our Country into ashes from within.

- selah -

Our Lady is Queen.

And her sense of compassionate responsibility
is universal among the nations of the children of Mankind.

She loves the Filipino heart
because it is a heart of humanity.

Within the abode
of each our heart dwells a spirit
that is exuberant, patient, obedient and attentive,
willing to always listen and to learn.

It is much like her own heart.
For our nation's heart is child's heart.
It is ever youthful and brave.

It is a trustful heart
that naturally recognizes,
not in spite of all our diversity
but all throughout,
the Providential Hand of God,
our Father.

It is a heart
that is valued very, very much
by her Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Gospel bears this witness
to our nationhood - unity is eternal.

The fruit of this unity is peace.

In every generation
to the last of our generations,
the residue of this nationhood is love;
a love reserved for all, and a love shared by all.
Its every action is a spiritual action
that ascends to glorify the God of Peace -
as our Lady did as we commemorate her this day,
her Assumption Day.

No matter
our distinctions, differences,
disagreements, or difficulties,
if we always remember
this most fundamental peace
we share amongst ourselves
and with other nations like ourselves,
we will never be far off
from the Kingdom of the LORD, our King -
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Our sense of maturity
as an undertaking of Country
relies not on its physical ages in time
but on a timeless remembrance of these!

When we are faithful to our remembrances,
this spirit of nationhood is revealed to us,
and we are able to shine 
as the stars.

Even as the stars of our Father Abraham!


We are a human nation; a Country endowed by the LORD, our God and King, not just with a distinct Roman Catholic heritage, but with a rich Christian, Islamic, and Jewish heritage.

These as well as those other traditions of honorable religion, allied to each other in peace and good will, is a primary source of our unity.

All have contributed to the diverse and colorful fabric of Filipino culture and life.

If we sacrifice these in the name of War and in the spirit of division, what kind of a people are we?

Here in the Philippines, the Feast Day of the Assumption of our Lady is August 15. Today is the Feast Day of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe.