Thursday, August 9, 2012

Salutation #148

It is human to fight for love.
It is not human to fight for hate.

For when we fight for love, we defend.
When we fight for hate, we only fight.



There are
two sources of nemesis
for any Country, republic or otherwise -
one is man-made, and the other one,

Of these two sources,
the military has a distinct role
in mitigating the damages wrought
by each their particular evils.

   (All our civilian first response teams
   integrated into police and public safety institutions
   also have a purpose and responsibility
   to carry out and fulfill
   in times of national duress
   but these purposes and responsibilities
   remain and have remained
   both clear and un-obscured hitherto.)

man-made sources
give rise to armed conflicts
but natural sources also does
give rise to armed conflicts.

are of a paramount concern
to the Responsible State.

What is important
- is to remember -
which one is which.

For "peace-time roles", as such,
which are actions meant to intervene for the nation
in response to the Country's enemies of a natural source
   (i.e. floods, typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)
through seemingly diminished
in contrast to the war-time responsibilities of any military,
   (necessarily utilized and evolved through the last great age of war)
shall have a great emphasis
in this new age.


Prayer to the King