Saturday, February 25, 2012

Salutation #105

The roots of War is ancient.

Therefore, War was never a choice that can be made freely by any nation as itself.

The real choice all our nations must always make - in every generation, and in every present time - is peace.

So let this be our choice - let our freedom be always guided by it.

(Trees in the Garden of God)

The truth is
all nations are friends
- some now, some later -
but in the end,
our peace is kin.

No nation is truly the enemy of another!

And when we do fight,
however enduring and painful
the searing remembrances of these conflicts,
it is always because of a necessity
whether real, contrived, or imagined.

Nations never come into conflict
because of an enmity that is permanent.

- selah -

War is always something imposed upon our peace.

Let us then
learn to discern
- what is and what is not ours -
as a nation among nations, my people,
that we may,
as an integral part of a great family of nations,
begin to know and understand each other
- as nations -
more and more...

Let us bear in mind -

These is a natural tension
- between nations -
a gap between our truths
- ordained by the LORD -
a spiritual divide that may only be bridged
by our awakening to an understanding of ourselves.

We must never be afraid
to bridge these gap between nations
and to labor to recognize
- those friendships -
long withheld from our strength.

We work to overcome
the tensions between our peace
secure in the knowledge of ourselves as ourselves
and sincere in our desire
for goodwill and human community
for in the same way other nations does influence us,
never forget, my beloved nation Philippines,
- we also are -
an influence to other nations.