Saturday, February 25, 2012

Salutation #104

The difference between a Monarch and a President is one of election.

The similarity is that both of them still have to make the surrender of kings - an acceptance of a life of service to the nation as a rule above all rules.

(The Responsible State)

Upon the Responsible State is vested
the authority to govern the people.

This authority is a divine authority.

For this authority
is the right to govern your peers
and therefore,
belongs to God alone.

Upon this vital mandate is built
the structure and the systems
(Constitution or Ideals of State)
from which the Offices of State
derive both form and power.

And these Offices are served
by their various national institutions.

These institutions
when their purpose and design
are directed toward the nation
(not towards persons or personalities)
are what safeguard the national good.

Duty is empowered and rights protected;
peace is preserved and prosperity assured;
hope is sustained and service made meaningful;
law is observed and justice is vigilant;
civil order is maintained and freedoms understood;
vision is perceived and the national destiny clear -

These proceed from a strong and empowered
Responsible State!

The Paradox of Power