Saturday, February 11, 2012

Salutation #100

and let peace take us into itself tomorrow.

(The Beginnings of Peace)

We do not enter into a peace process
to convince ourselves of our common need of peace -
the fruits of War itself
should have made this need apparent
to our convictions beforehand.

the last 2000 years
is prelude to this one choice alone.

(This is why it is important that our national leadership -
especially those who are at the forefront of the peace process
are the persons most convinced of our need for Peace over War.)

lasting peace does not begin
at the stroke of a pen.

Lasting peace
for our nation begins
when hearts become turned away from War.

- selah -

It is a mistake to think
- here in our native Philippines -
that the peace process is anything complex.

For if we prevail over one of its major areas of concern,
this makes it easier for us to prevail over the others.
(The spirit of War is cunning but it is still one spirit alone.)

This is why
our main focus must always be - in Mindanao -
because, my brother and sisters of the Promise,
- if we are able to bridge -
the deepest and most enduring of our divisions as a people,
then the peace for our Philippines
is sure to be certain.

We prevail over War together
- my one nation Philippines -
or War shall have us all!

we do not enter into
our own particular peace process
to pursue a path of defeat for anyone -
(for Peace is Peace and War is War)
we enter into our peace process
to find a way of victory for all Filipinos.
(Many other things require our energies...)

O when shall we sing
our victory songs, my people?

When shall we see
peace reign across our land,
making our hearts whole,
and our spirits glad?

Now is the favorable time...

This War among Filipinos must be brought to a swift end!