Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salutation #10

Today is Flag Day.

(Old Defiant)

Peace, I salute you.

Of the colors of Old Defiant, all are well known to you.
Save perhaps for two, the color white and the color gold -

The white of our Flag is the color of Chastity -
a love of purity and of good and wholesome relationships.

It is the unseen structure that preserves
human dignity and human promise -
the medium of our common respect for all human life.

For a citizen is not a citizen in this land
were it not for other citizens like unto him or herself.

The gold of our Flag is the color of Eternity -
unfading, unyielding, changeless and constant.

When all things in this world have faded away,
it is from Eternity that all things shall too be restored.

For gold is the color of the Presence -
the Aura of the glory of LORD,
it is the Hand that leads the Angels,
it is the Shine that guide the heart of Man.

Let our Banner be unto thyself a symbol of unity, my people,
and let it fly in thy heart out of love of God and Country.

Yea, let this Banner fly in thy heart of hearts or not at all!

For if this one kind of love is absent in the absent heart of Man,
there shall our Country be found nowhere in creation.

By love of God and Country we are refined, my people -
our culture, our products, our well-being -
all of these may only benefit
from the advancements
wrought by our present determination
to advance the cause of Country -
in our lives, in our families,
in our tribes, and in our communities
across our nation, in our own present time,
and across our generations
to the very last of our generations.

Without it, we are lost.

Ah, but we are here now, my nation,
and we are present for the peace.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Fly Old Defiant:

Defy War. Defy Darkness. Defy Evil. Defy Corruption. Defy Poverty.

Prosper the Peace! Prosper the People!