Thursday, May 19, 2011


The End of the World?

Peace, I salute you.

In the lead up to the time of 2012, my honorable compatriots, when all the choices we must each make today (at a time, times, and half-a-time) shall serve to bear up our hopes as a nation, there shall be many feelers and sayers of impending doom along the way.

You will first of all, respect them.

If it helps you to be more devout, if it helps you to be good, if it helps you to free yourselves, may God do so, from the grip of things we could really do without, then are these not those things we must willingly accept and ought to be thankful about?

There is a prediction in two days time about the end of the world - at sunset on May 21 (at what time zone, I am uncertain). Not with a feeling of despair, ignorance or ill-will shall we meet it.

For Providence is a great teacher of life.

But if we can not accept reality as it unfolds, if we can not accept the present as it is, we will miss most of its value in our lives - and consequently in the life of our nation.

Truly, my fellow Filipino compatriots, God's will shall be fulfilled in all things, whether we know it or not, whether we approve or disapprove of it.

What is ours to do is to be ready here today. Or at least try to learn today how to be ready for that day - together.

The end of the world is actually the beginning of it. Everything in every moment is in a state of constant renewal, arising from the spirit and returning to it once more.

If God wanted to completely restore all things in Himself today, it will happen.

But for as long as the hour of the fulfillment remains God's to decide upon (and it is) and to fulfill (and it is), we must remain with our hand on the plow, busy with our labors here in this world both as individual human beings and as individual human nations - together this time.

If it takes a moment, a year, a hundred years, if it takes forever, my friends, let us still say peace and amen to God, it shall be done!

Now, if there is any fear for the future, then let this be reason for the exercise of faith enough for today.

The 4th Cause: The Cause of Benignity - Minorities

The Lord Christ said, "The poor you will always have with you..." (Matthew 26: 11)

"There will always be a minority."

BENIGNITY is the practice of goodness.

Therefore, this Cause must concern itself with the preferential treatment and care of minorities and the just distribution of the material goods of this world.

In the person of the stranger, the orphan, the widow, the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor whether transient, semi-permanent, or permanent, there shall always exist within our midst, a minority.

At one time or another in the lifespan of individual human beings as well as in the lifespan of individual human nations, we all become part of the minority.

Let us always bear this in mind and heart...(selah - listen, think)

Have we forgotten our own roots, O ye children of the Peace, promised by God of old to bless the national communities of Mankind?

Were we not all drawn up by the LORD from the poverty of the minority?

Let us always bear this in mind and heart especially all ye numberless stars of Father Abraham.

This is how we shall fill the earth with living lights.

We are by our poverty indistinguishable. How we shall each distinguish ourselves in this midst is through virtue and the refinement of our inherent human nobility.

This is important to remember, my friends, because the victimization (by the strong) of the marginalized (the weak) will ultimately result in the implosion of our national communities and in the Last Day, it shall also bring about its final and irreversible destruction.

The marginalization in any society of any of one of its parts is always the effect of divisions (overt as well as covert) in the one heart of the people.

A social order built on disagreements (abiding in prejudices, misconceptions, fear and ignorance) is like a tyranny without a tyrant.

In this hostile atmosphere, the spirit of the nation feels itself trodden underfoot until the burden of Justice becomes unbearable.

The will or the spirit of War always takes the easiest entrance into the midst of the people. And this it always does by subverting the 4th Cause.

The one sin a nation can not abide by is the presence of War in the heart.

Because Peace is our only path - it is the only choice we can really make.

The 4th Cause explicitly espouses the first principle that the strong exists in defense of the weak.

The entire hierarchy of the angelic realms is ordered around this first principle.

Since our nations (as they are) are a natural extension of the unseen realms, we are expected by the Providence of God to faithfully imitate the heavenly order by formally uniting ourselves as a people to the will and the governance of the LORD, our God - the one Sovereign of all nations.

What the majority does in behalf of the minority dictates a nation's fidelity to the 4th Cause.

Wealth generation and long-term national prosperity is entirely dependent on the 4th Cause.

A word on the value of Human Promise -

"One life lost to War is always one life too many."

Human lives once willfully cut short and stolen in the midst of our communities do not just end, they linger because by each life lost to War, we are truly diminished.

One can not expect to eat the fruits of a forest, benefit from the shade of its wood as well as rest within the protection of its multitude if there are no trees left.

If the nations are hungry, if we are vulnerable, if we are weak, it is because of War in the heart.

When we forget to remember the unsung promises of those who are now lost to us through war and reckless, wasteful violence, when we forget the hopes they have left to our present care, we stand to learn nothing of their pain and loss and are therefore doomed to relive it.

Because it is not the sins of the past that curse, it is the inability of every present generation to overcome its evils that prevent our Day from flourishing.

Human promise once forcefully taken by the hand of Man becomes an inescapable part of his unbearable burden - to be borne by all of his generations spread across all our nations.

Without Justice, it hinders his destiny. Without the mercy of God, it prevents it.

Without the peace of the nations of Mankind, by this burden, Man is sunk in despair.

Without the love of a mighty Redeemer, by this burden too, Man is to be lost to us forever.

Now let us think -

If we were able to be blessed by even some of the lives that our nations have collectively lost to War in the last age, we would have not have plunged this far down in our troubles today.

We would have been far more advanced in the fields of medicine, health science, conservation, and energy than we are at present.

We would have already solved many of the problems that confound us today.

We could have been back and forth to the stars already.

We should never be that reckless again.

The 4th Cause intrinsically recognizes the timeless value of human promise and acts accordingly.

It naturally leads to the 3rd and the 2nd Causes that seek to ensure that the prevailing peace of the prevailing social order remains constantly compatible with Man's God-given and therefore, inviolable human dignity.

Without the 4th Cause, the 3rd and the 2nd Causes will never ascend to the 1st Cause.

And without the 1st Cause, all the other Causes lose cohesion, value and potency.

But Man has the help of both heaven and earth, and the favor of God.

Shahbaz Bhatti (19680909-20110301 of valor and love of Country) - though I did not know you in life, I now know you are a friend to me - so peace, my friend - via con Dios!

"No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends."

- John 15: 13

The Final 6

About two months ago, I was asked by someone close to my heart to work out an interpretation of the Book of Revelations. For the most part, I remained silent about this request. I am not sure I can.

There are some things I am sure about, and there are some things I am not sure about. For as regards to these things, I have very clearly defined limits.

While I do have some things that are open to me, there are some things that remain closed to me.

First of all, I am not a Biblical scholar.

But I have been made aware in my heart over the years what presumption is; a sin against the Holy Spirit. This along with obstinacy to the truth, final impenitence and despair (of self and of others) constitute the four unforgivable sins that I am wont to avoid for fear of losing my own soul.
They are unforgivable not because our God is less merciful, for the LORD Himself is the Fullness of Compassion, but because they cause the heart of Man to harden completely into hell.

I am a citizen of my Country, a Roman Catholic Christian trying to be a decent human being for Christ and for fellow men. That's about all that I am - a common everyday person - and that's about all I want to be. (What I really want, this world can never give me.)

However, I can say this much - as regards to the number 666, this number is the number for the first thousand years of War (time), the second thousand years of War (times) and those who are so inclined to choose War in the heart once again this third Christian millennium (half-a-time) in the context of the manifest climate of the new age which is Peace (of whose number is 3).

To choose to ignore the will of Divine Providence which God have made so obvious to the nations of Mankind by the naked requirements of the present time, this is the final 6, which is the choice to remain permanently divided in the heart against one's own humanity before God.

It is
a choice that is made just as absolutely and irrevocably as those whose hearts have been inclined by the LORD towards the Peace of the times.

For 6 is the number for opposition/division. And as its master is the fallen cherub, Lucifer, now Satan and the Adversary of All; a murderer, thief and father of all lies.

It will certainly come (incarnate as itself) in the guise of peace - a perfect peace.

It shall be as a lie conceived against (1) the covenant of the nations, against (2) the wisdom of all honorable human religious traditions, and (3) in the face of the everlasting covenant laid down by the Blood of Christ the Lord.

It shall work out a desolation and it shall call this desolation, peace.

Against it, we will continue to work in our nations to obtain from God the peace that prospers the sheltering wings of each our undertaking of Country - for all our generations - together this time.

Now, i
f you understand this number, you will no longer fear it. Nor will you allow yourself to be held in a dreadful thrall of its mystery.

For t
hough we do not know the time, we do know that the time is near, so we must press on and make provision for the generations that are yet to come.

Look for evidence.
See for yourself the climate of the times. Go d
iscern for yourselves the reasons behind the choice you must make. Seek the LORD, ask for wisdom.
But choose.
Else you shall default yourselves and fall headlong into the gravity of the last great age of war.

A nation is where it labors in time. It is in eternity always where it is - giving constant worship to the one Sovereign of all nations: He is the LORD, our God.
And as God has remembered us, t
is is our work - this is our time.

All we need to be is ourselves as ourselves - together this time.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Human Nation