Monday, December 10, 2012

Win or Lose

Don't worry, Manny...

When God knocks you down,
He intends to raise you up.

When God wounds your pride,
He intends to heal your spirit.

When God hands you a defeat,
He intends to teach you...
a new kind of victory.

- selah -

Do not forget, my brother Filipino,
that you will always find in your own nation
an even greater, nobler and more lasting arena
wherein which you may freely devote
your spirit and energy.

We will always be here for you.

For it is not for your fame,
your fortune or your many victories
that you are loved by those who love you:
It is for your kindness, your goodness,
your noble strength of heart, your fierce spirit,
your trust in the glory of the God of greater things,
and your manifest love of the common people.

We love you for your poverty,
your sense of sharing:
your citizenship.

No ring, no limit, no opponent, no arbiter
can take you away from the you being - just you -
so must you endeavor to never forget, brother,
especially now that you were brought low,
what is lasting and what is not. 

For it is here
- at the lowest points in life -
where you can best observe the highest
the sweetest, and the most wondrous places
thy faith in the good God can take you in your life;
it is here where you can best discover
the heights of what is
and what is not.

We love you, Manny:

Win or Lose.