Thursday, December 6, 2012

Salutation #168

Citizenship is in the soul - 'tis a seeking in the self -
an integral part of the blossoming of every human life.

So you breath it in your spirit, and you live it in your life
- you seek it like the motion of a love learning to love.

You long for it in yourself - until you are full for the truth -
until your belonging is absolute and your joy is complete.

(An Identity of Participation)

Citizen, participate -

(1) in the economic life of thy nation
(productivity, industry, and material prosperity)
   - be honest in your dealings with others
   - pay your taxes

(2) in the political life of thy nation
(responsible authority, meaningful order, and human purpose)
   - be fair in your dealings with others
   - properly exercise your right to vote

(3) in the spiritual life of thy nation
(virtue, meaning, and human felicity)
   - be willing to allow others to be happy
   - work to be happy

(4) in the social life of thy nation
(peace, justice, and human community)
   - be willing to lead and to be led
   - obey the law

BE all you can be for God and Country.

Citizenship with Fidelity