Monday, December 24, 2012

Salutation #170

Every gift of life... is wrought in love
and every love of life... is wrought in light
for the one light of life is... Jesus Christ the Lord.

(Christmas 2012)

MAY every Christmas bring us peace;
the beginnings of peace which is peace,
the workings of peace which is peace,
and the fruits of peace which is peace.

Because Christmas means -

I love you.

- selah -

So may all be in this love sheltered
and be brought forth anew each and every year
that all may through this love know in the truth
the spirit of every Christmas season
which is peace.

May all be at peace.
May all know the peace.

And may this peace be the peace
that was wrought in our world
by the Prince of Peace
which is Jesus Christ the Lord
that it may continue to serve
to bring our humanity forth
from darkness into the
one Light of God

May our journeys in this life
through Christmas be fulfilled
in the LORD, our God -
the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit,
alleluia, alleluia,

Happy Christmas to us all! 

Peace be among the nations - and -
good will to all men and women of peace.

May we never be bereft of the light of God's peace.

Christ chose to be born in a place of love
surrounded with nothing else but love,
did He not, darling Starshine?

For the giving is the gift.

Is not our Lord and Savior an awesome God?