Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Autumn Gate

How do we know where it leads?

I have written enough now
about the December 21 terminus of the age
to deflect much of the fear and paranoia
that precedes these kinds
of greater movements of things...

...things that are beyond our realm of earth,
things beyond the current spread of our world,
but are yet things that are not beyond the realm
of our Mankind which is the universe entire.

It is not a time of great fear,
it is a time of great faith -
of prayer and not of panic;

of the spirit
and not an ignorance of the spirit;

of reason
and not an ignorance of reason;

of our common humanity
and not of common inhumanity;

of peace
and not of war...

For it is a time of light
and nevermore the darkness!

It begins, my darling Starshine,
as all great feats of freedom oft begins,
with a plain and simple choice -

to be one or the other.

The unfulfilled dreams of Mankind and the freedom of God -
these are the primary causes for the expansion of space and time.

We are, therefore, we must.