Friday, February 25, 2011


Completing our EDSA

"How long ago is 25 years?"

This question seems to ask something more from within itself, something else more existential than a mere passage of time:

"How much of it have we forgot?"

Brother and sister Filipinos, let us never again forget our nation's potential for good in this world. For just as all human beings are equal both in dignity (being) and potential (becoming) so too are all human nations thus endowed with a just equality. From this equality we all must begin. From this equality we all must return.

In sharp contrast to the national movements seizing the consciousness of other Countries, ours still stand out as a truly well-inspired, grace-filled transition into our own better selves; a truly remarkable feat of nationhood.

Our EDSA is exceptional in its non-violent character.

For what revolution truly is is a willing disintegration of a Country into violence and uncertainty. All revolution being a measured descent into fire and shadow.

What tempers the violence however, is the discipline of the nation but what makes the uncertain certain may be decided only by God without Whom no nation may survive this descent.

We should indeed be thankful and properly proud of our faith both in God and in our people.

This is not to say however, that this transition is anywhere complete. For the work of our nations is never complete until we have all arrived. So while we are yet here we must always make due provision for the generations that are yet to come - their songs must not remain unsung.

EDSA is EDSA. There are no sequels to this, our timeless coming together. Every other lesser movement that our EDSA has thus far inspired in ourselves is both enhanced as well as embraced by it. So that what we are always desiring to obtain out of our EDSA is not another EDSA but the completion of our first and only one.

This labor to complete our EDSA, all its signal graces and its right season under the sky, now lies before our hearts and before our hands - right here, right now - in this present time.

This is no time to dwell on past mistakes but on the wisdom that those trials have produced in our people. This is no time to argue what void there is but what we can do - together this time - to help steer our one Republic clear of the impending perils that clearer understandings now perceive.

No longer shall past shadows hold sway that we shall not allow in our hearts this time. For the times are sufficiently changed. What we shall will to leave behind, shall now depend upon what we shall choose to freely and humanly embrace.

For the essence of EDSA is a transition to peace, the peace that prospers - our original peace, our one Republic peace. It is this work that shall define us, my honorable compatriots - this work of peace.

It is our work; the labor of these present times:

Now is the time to complete our EDSA.


The Responsible State

Upon the Responsible State is vested the authority to govern the people. This authority is a divine authority.

For this authority is the right to govern your peers and therefore, belongs to God alone.

Upon this vital mandate is built the structure and the systems (Constitution or Ideals of State) from which the Offices of State derive both form and power.

And these Offices are served by their various national institutions.

These institutions when their purpose and design are directed toward the nation (not towards persons or personalities) are what safeguard the national good.

Duty is empowered and rights protected. Peace is preserved and prosperity assured. Hope is sustained and service made meaningful. Law is observed and justice is vigilant. Civil order is maintained and freedoms understood. Vision is perceived and the national destiny clear.

These proceed from a strong and empowered Responsible State.

"Verily, every living thing, above all every human being shall be accounted for - to the very last hair on their head."

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Forward Thinking